Access to information and improved communication is a crucial requirement for sustainable agriculture development. Modern communication technology when applied to conditions in rural areas can help improve communication, increase participation, - information and share knowledge and skills. The challenge is not only to improve the accessibility of communication technology to rural population but also to improve its relevance to local development particularly in the field of agriculture. The Government of Sikkim intends to set up AGRISNET in the State to provide improved services to the farming community through use of ICT. This will not only help farmers to augment their income but also improve the overall capacity of the State. It will aggressively support the knowledge sharing among the farmers as well as among the policy makers and researchers through the database generated as Decision Support System.


  • Release of Tricho-Cards (23-Jun-2014)(more>>) New
  • Training Programme on Revisiting of Strategic Research and Extension Plan, (SREP)  (12-Jun-2014)(more>>) New
  • Training Programme on AGRI-Clinic and AGRI-Business Centre (10-Apr-2014)(more>>)
  • Annual Workshop of Extension Reforms (24-Mar-2014)(more>>)
  • Three days “Off Campus Training Programme” (21-Mar-2014)(more>>)

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